Should you buy a Chinese Motorbike?

This review is not so much about the build quality of Chinese Motorbikes, although, I will touch on that. This is more about the After Sales experience received from the Supplying Dealer, specifically, for a Keeyway Superlight 125cc SE. I should point out that I have made allowances for the strange pandemic times we have been in for the past twelve months. My daughter’s partner, a new rider, purchased the Keeyway Superlight 125cc SE as his first bike, as a cheap commuter. He decided to buy new so that he had peace of mind with the warranty. The purchase was made from in Malvern, Worcestershire. The bike was purchased, delivered and the problems began. It seems that strapping down brand new bikes in the back of a van was a new concept to the delivery driver, the end result, both bikes damaged. Back they went for parts transplants.

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Let’s face it, when you buy a cheap Motorbike you are taking a chance and you almost always get what you pay for. After a couple of weeks the Keeyway Superlight 125cc SE had lost some fasteners, the seat had become loose and the Mirrors were swinging in the breeze. All easily resolved, but should you have to carry out that maintenance on a bike that is weeks old? Then the Indicators developed a fault, I called and explained that I had checked the bike over, cleaned all of the wiring connectors, attempted to clean the Indicator Switch but the fault remained. They were just not interested, they suggested that during lockdown I should bring the bike to them (270 mile round trip). I asked them for an alternative but again, just not interested. Not one to give up, I further stripped the bike and isolated the fault to the really cheap and nasty Indicator Switch. I called the dealer back and explained that I had found the fault and could demonstrate it, again, a complete lack of interest and After Sales service. At this point, I had to resort to telling that if they didn’t offer any support on this bike that had only covered a few hundred miles and was a matter of weeks old, I would be forced to share the experience online. I also pointed out that I ran a busy Motorbike Forum and a Motorbike Campsite It was only after this threat, that they all of a sudden considered that the duff Switch was a valid warranty claim and I received confirmation of that. Now this is where you have to make your own mind up on whether a cheap Chinese bike is worth the risk and whether there is any benefit in buying new. At the time of writing, the warranty claim has been open for two months and the part is still unavailable, I make allowances for the disruption of deliveries because of Covid but a brand new bike is off the road without any indication when a part will arrive. I suggested to that they could take a switch from a stock bike while waiting for a part to arrive (you can expect this service from almost any dealer of a reputable brand) but they are just not interested. My opinon, based on my numerous phonecalls and emails is, they are happy to sell you a bike but have absolutely no After Sales service. So, do you really want a cheap Chinese bike? If you do, do you want to buy a new one or would you just be better off taking your chances in the secondhand market? If you are expecting parts availability or support from your dealer, specifically in this case, you might want to consider the experience I have documented here, before making a brand or dealer choice.
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Keeyway Superlight 125cc Purchase Review
Update 29/03/21 - The warranty claim has been open (approved) since the 21st January, here we are more than two months later and still no sign of the part. are of absolutely no help. Update 03/07/21 - The part has finally arrived! It has taken almost six months and even then, Motorbikes 4 all in Malvern, demonstrated their complete unprofessionalism. When I called to chase the delivery (having already been told it had landed with them) I was given the runaround for two weeks. Initially I was told it had been sent but after a couple of calls and eventually speaking to one of the owners, he very smugly implied that they were being difficult because of the reviews I had written. He even went on to threaten writing falsified reviews against my business in retaliation. Of course none of this matters, we had to purchase the part months ago to get the bike back on the road, the part we were waiting for from this lot was just a spare. In all of my years of dealing with Bikes, Bikers and Bike Dealers, Motorbikes 4 all in Malvern, in my opinion, have the worst after sales service in the UK.